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Collaborating with your Competition seem unthinkable, read this…

Collaboration is a powerful tool for all small business owners, regardless of industry you are in or the type of business you have.

It is the connections you form with others, and the different ways you collaborate with those people you formed connections with, that will help you grow your business to new levels.

If you are not convinced that collaboration is really worth the time and effort, here is a story to convince you on importance of collaboration (in this case with competition to save it, grow it!)

In August of 1997, Microsoft stepped in and saved Apple, which, at the time, was on the brink of bankruptcy.

“Bill, thank you. The world’s a better place,” Jobs told Gates after the Microsoft exec agreed to make a $150 million investment in Apple.

All of this was pre-iPod and even pre-iMac. At the time, Apple was busily bleeding money and was on the verge of bankruptcy. Shortly after, Apple began the meteoric rise that has sustained it for decades. From 1998 on, Apple launched a string of successes: iMac, iBook, iPod, iTunes Store, and eventually iPhone and iPad.

Here is summary from Steve Jobs 10 years after the event

“Apple was in very serious trouble,” said Jobs. “And what was really clear was that if the game was a zero-sum game where for Apple to win, Microsoft had to lose, then Apple was going to lose.

“There were too many people at Apple and in the Apple ecosystem playing [that] game,” he explained. “And it was clear that you didn’t have to play that game, because Apple wasn’t going to beat Microsoft.

“Apple didn’t have to beat Microsoft. Apple had to remember who Apple was because they’d forgotten who Apple was.

For Microsoft, the investment meant propping up one of its greatest competitors, but it was also a new business opportunity.

Moral of the story: Collaboration is the key to Success, think Win-Win when you are collaborating. Competitor can be one of your best collaboration partner

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