Receive the pay you deserve! We bet every Freelancer can relate!


So all the freelancers & consultants out there, have you ever taken up work that doesn’t do complete justice to your abilities? Sadly, a lot of you will nod to this question because as a freelancer, uncertainty and the fear of bleak projects in the future haunts one and all.

To be precise, this is exactly what you are doing wrong as a freelancer. There is definitely a route to success and the first milestone in that route is ‘Knowing your worth’ and demanding for what you deserve. By doing this you are not being uptight, you are not being overconfident, you are not being arrogant and you are not being foolish. Standing by what you deserve is a difficult terrain but once you strongly put your foot down on this, you emerge out honed and empowered as a professional.

Know Your Worth

If you don’t respect yourself as a professional, sadly, nobody will. You might not have demonstrated your worth, but everybody knows their own substance and you surely do know yours as well. Leaves the doubts for the rest of the world to dwell on, you set out to conquer the great heights with belief in yourself and the assurance of your worth.

Learn to say No

This ability pretty much comes naturally with knowing your worth. If you are paid less for the effort you put in or if you are doing menial work as compared to your potential and abilities, then learn to say ‘No’. Let go of the fear of a bleak future, let go of the insecurity that in the future even this work you might not get. Trust us, a lot of success stories around the world have started with a NO, a determination to not settle for anything less than what you deserve.

Give It Your All

Once you know you are on the right path, give it your all. As a freelancer, you have the privilege to work exactly what your are excited and motivated about. Once you are armed with a realization of self worth and the determination to say No to whatever demeans your self worth, give your all to whatever opportunities you can conquer. You rise to your full potential when you decide to vanquish all challenges and work beyond possibilities.

What if you still don’t get what you deserve

Quite scarily, this is very much a possibility that even after encompassing every bit of optimism and energy into achieving what you deserve, you might not get there. There can be many reasons-

  1. You were not at the right place at the right time.
  2. You couldn’t sell yourself enough( Yes, selling yourself is a thing in freelancing and there is nothing derogatory about it)
  3. You don’t know the right people.
  4. You have to strive too much for opportunities and after that you are left with too little time and energy to do justice to those opportunities.

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This Article is bursting major Freelancing myths!

It’s Time to ‘Myth Proof’ Your Idea of Freelancing

Freelancers are the ones who couldn’t find jobs and thus, took up whatever work they could take up. This atrocious myth is fast dissipating from the minds of people but still has a really long way to go.

Freelancing as a profession has always been blurry. While you might guess what a doctor’s life would be, you can’t guess much about freelancing unless you jump on the field and get your hands mud dirty. For plenty of you out there, maybe its the boulder of myths that is holding you back. Here is a comprehensive list of myths and the associated realty. Thank us later !


  1. You are a Freelancer! You got to be FREE!

Freelancers tend to get bullied a lot for this. Freelancers are supposed to have ample time in their lives, after all, they don’t have a demonic boss to feed on their time.

The Gospel Truth: A freelancer is mostly working for more number of hours a week just so that he/she can continue freelancing. The few initial months or years are always challenging as well as motivating for a freelancer and he/she strives to stretch the limits. There is no IN and OUT time. There are no biometric gates to make sure you were in office. But there is always a raging fire inside, pushing you to perform incessantly.

Freelancer Myth vs Reality

  1. It’s Everyone’s Cup of Tea

You might be the best performer at your corporate office. If you can handle a job, you can handle a freelance assignment.

The cup of reality: If lured by greater work-life balance associated with freelancing, you are thinking of ditching your job, you got to access your chances of excelling as a freelancer. Freelancing is an extremely challenging and gruelling platform. Also, since freelancing always carries a certain degree of uncertainty, it takes a certain kind of fearless and doughty personality to take it up.

  1. Freelancing is not a career! It’s a Wall!

We all need walls of support to lean back on. So when your boss gives you that ugly pink slip, freelancing is what you can lean back on. That’s how all the freelancers in the world were born.

The Wall Smashing Truth: There are professionals in the world who willingly quit their job for freelancing. Freelancing can be an option but mostly it’s a choice. Like there are dream jobs in the world, there are dream freelancing portfolios as well.

  1. All it takes is a cool and quirky website

You website can be your note churning machine. All you need to invest in, is a website.

Reality: The Web of ‘Truths’: Sure, you can go ahead a invest time and money on your website but please understand that your website is only one aspect of your freelancing career that can take care of SEO, traffic as well as give a digital presence to your idea. It can’t be you HR, marketer, salesperson, business head and CEO. All that, you need to be yourself.

  1. It’s FREElancing

Getting work done from a freelancer is the cheapest option. Freelancers don’t have much choice, so they are going to accept whatever you offer.

A free dose of reality: Freelancers are often highly sought after professionals at par with industry standards. Freelancers are passionate for their work and deserve to get paid accordingly.

More power to freelancers! More respect for freelancers!

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Freelancing 101: Make your first sale after quitting a full time job!


How often have you looked at a freelancer or an SME, and longed to have the same kind of freedom and self driven goals, while wondering how they are managing without a full time job?

Well, the road ahead for a freelancer is definitely challenging but hones your skills in an unparalleled fashion. Once you are a freelancer, you will realize that there is nowhere else you would rather be.

‘How to make your first sale after turning towards freelancing’ is a burning question, the answer to which is quite soothing and halcyon with LetzGain but let us first introspect whether you are ready for freelancing or not.

  1. Account for Your Responsibilities:

Freelancing can turn out to be really lucrative but it might take some time for you to earn as much as your day job was paying you. If you are married with kids, make sure that at least one of you has a stable income. In case you both are freelancers, then try to orient your lifestyle in a way that you can slide through the first few months easily.

  1. Remember to Treat Freelancing as Your Day Job:


Once you are a freelancer and you can make your own rules, you might take advantage of your own freedom and digress from the goal. Keep a schedule ready. Make sure you work as many hours a day or even more, as compared to your last job. Remain disciplined and remember that at the end of the day you are answerable to yourself.

  1. Know What You Have Got

As a freelancer, you need to have a genuine idea of your own abilities, capabilities and limits. You will have to sell yourself to others. Unless you don’t have a marketing agenda and a reason for the clients out there to find you impressive, your freelancing career might never take off.

Once you are truly ready to be a freelancer, the first sale might appear like a daunting task. Here is how you can swagger your way towards success.

  1. Networking! Networking! Networking……


Sing this word like an anthem. Your entire freelancing career is going to stand tall on the threshold of robust networking. You might have talent and you also might have the skills to impress others but as long as you don’t know who to impress, you are just a novice.

LetzGain is an innovative answer to your networking woes.

The DNA of LetzGain is made up of networking.

  1. Network better with LetzGain– A phenomenal app based platform to enable networks, empower freelancers and SMEs with robust business leads and contacts and enhance the multitudes talent out there by matching with opportunities that can do justice.

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  1. Don’t Just Look For Your Own Prospects

This fact isn’t promoted enough, but freelancing, like other professions, is about a community. LetzGain brings this community together where freelancers can interact, share leads and indulge in mutually fulfilling professional association.

Don’t just look for your own prospects. Refer leads to other freelancers if you can’t offer what the client wants. Somebody else’s referral can become your first lead.

  1. Know the Art of Following Up

Freelancing is as respectable as any other job so maintain this stance during the follow up process. With LetzGain the follow up becomes smooth and transparent as you can do real time conversation with clients and also, fellow freelancers for collaborations.

All the best for your first lead. May you land a phenomenal one.

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