Ovenderful: Simran’s journey, Tips on Networking & more!

74c10243-7e6b-43f2-9f13-af49fc56ec6dShe did with her life what a lot of people yearn to do but can seldom muster the courage for.

Simran Oberoi Multani decided to empower her passion for healthy baked goodness with a clear business goal. Today, when salary digits are more important than anything else for the young generation, Simran took an interesting bold step to let career be driven by what drives her.

Ovenderful- The luscious blend of sweetness & health

There are lots of bakeries everywhere and it’s a pretty fragmented market. So how did Simran make a difference?

Well, unlike any other bakery, her innovative endeavor doesn’t come between your stubborn sweet tooth and inspirational fitness level. In fact, this is where the two coexist.


Ovenderful is a niche home bakery, which specializes in healthy , wholesome and inclusive baking. All products are free of preservatives and artificial food colours. The bakes are freshly made by hand, using alternative flours which are healthier such as wholewheat, ragi/ millet, semolina, almond flour, rice flour and so on, along with chemical free sugar or natural sweeteners such as figs, dates, jaggery, fruit-based purees, cane sugar.

The range of bakes also include child friendly, vegan, egg free, nut free, gluten free, dairy free, lactation friendly , diabetic friendly bakes.

A Woman Entrepreneur’s Quest for Networking


Simran dealt with her share of hiccups while setting up the business. First of all, the concept of healthy bakes itself is elusive and it takes strategy to convince people that something healthy can be tasty too. Finances always remain a problem for entrepreneurs as not everybody had an elite line of venture capital and seed fund ready to nourish the business.

Simran emphasized on networking a lot. In this age of powerful digital marketing, the strength of network connections and word of mouth still holds acres of ground. Simran feels that the community of women entrepreneurs should be a mutually empowering circle as, in a country with such great demographic dividend when it comes to women, the level of ease for business for women is still at a very nascent level.

Ovenderful & LetzGain – A quirky-sweet Combo for Success

What does a small business owner with little to invest on marketing but phenomenal potential need? A transparent platform that empowers goals and brings professional communities together to help building up the business blocks seamlessly.

This is why Simran chose LetzGain.

A simple app, with tremendous innovative potential- That’s how Simran defines LetzGain.


She believes that with a tool as approachable and affordable as LetzGain, a lot of dreams can be ignited with relevant leads, transparent communication, mutual empowerment and unrestricted flow of ideas. Simran reiterates that the strength of LetzGain lies in the fact that it is conceptualized on the core threshold of networking and communication.

With live chats, easy referrals and a dense network of promising freelancers and business owners, LetzGain is a vast platform of lucrative opportunities.

While Simran’s association with LetzGain is only recently, she has already been able to curate an array of mutually beneficial associations that can lead to gratifying business relations.

The Road Ahead For Ovenderful


Simran believes that the forte of an entrepreneur should be focussed endeavours and sustainable growth. For Ovenderful, she has ambitious goals and an undying zest for remaining undeterred by ups and downs and taking the concept of healthy baked goodness to the world.

Ovenderful LetzGain Profile.

Learn how this Legal firm from Pune is breaking all the rules!

Legal Firm Networking

Would you hire a 24 year old bright law associate for your firm’s legal assistance? Well, even if in your mind you must be thinking ‘No’, there is something about Mr. Arpit Ratan that can turn that ‘No’ into a ‘Yes’.

OJAS – An Innovative Law Firm to Drive the Change

It is a very common perception that lawyer below 40 years of age cannot be trusted with serious advocate responsibilities as this professional capability intensifies and hones itself with years and age. However, OJAS is a boutique law firm which challenges this notion and is a class apart.

OJAS is built on the mighty threshold of innovation. At OJAS, the work in lot of areas, but the interesting part is working with startups, on laws which are in their primitive stage and areas where rapid change in technology is forcing lawmakers to innovate.

Within a short span of time since its inception in the year 2012, OJAS has teamed up with businesses to be a part of their growth story. The hallmark of this firm is that, the association between the firm and its clients is not that of customers and vendors but partner, mutually enabling one another and driving the change together.

Facing Challenges is the Law of Progress

Well, what is a growth story without challenges? At the age of 24 when Arpit took the bold step to take a leap forward in his career, he obviously met with many challenges, all of which helped him grow and get stronger. There are no better hallmarks of performance than commitment and dedication, and Arpit made sure that his firm offered both to the clients.

But our commitment and dedication to work has enabled us to gain confidence and trust of many businesses today. You need to work hard to change perceptions, make businesses see advocates in a different light. Of course in this profession there is hardly anyone starting this early, so there are very few business models to follow and one can tend to go directionless at times. OJAS strived to innovate and come up with robust and unsurpassed strategies. It is motivation that keeps the road ahead flourishing for Arpit and his endeavor.

A Law firm’s Biggest Forte – “Networking”

Law firms stand tall on the firm foundation of satisfied clients as well as informed or we can say impressed potential clients. For OJAS especially, networking was very important as it was a new format but Arpit wasn’t an already established name in the industry. Apart from word of mouth, Arpit invested his efforts on the digital networking boom to unleash the true potential of the market.

OJAS & LetzGain– Legally Perfect Formula :)

For an innovative entrepreneur, Arpit found an equally innovative and quirky platform with young energy, to empower his network.

LetzGain– A phenomenal app based platform to enable networks, empower freelancers and SMEs with robust business leads, helped OJAS steer towards fulfilling associations and leads with potential. Arpit feels that the best tools with which LetzGain enables positive networking are real time interactions, virtual interactions, transparent negotiations and symbiotic business associations.

Arpit goes on to say that LetzGain has the potential on the lines of LinkedIn but, with seamless, quick and effortless interactions. So, it is almost like LetzGain offers the best of both the worlds.

With a promising journey of 4 years behind him, Arpit is confident that with enabling tools like LetzGain and his own grasp of what he wants for OJAS, he is happy to be growing each day, slowly yet fruitfully.

Download LetzGain App & grow exponentially!

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